The Greek Kitchen

For a variety of traditional Greek dishes head over to the Greek Kitchen on the Diamond Head side of the festival near the Ala Moana Beach Park Entrance. Here you will find plate dinners featuring Moussaka, Spanakopita, & Greek Chicken. Each dinner plate includes salad, feta cheese, olives, rice pilaf, bread and a delicious piece of Baklava.

Thanks to Aaron Plakorakis and Sarento’s for preparing this year’s chicken

Also available is a Greek vegan meal.

  1. Greek Chicken: Chicken breasts and legs marinated and baked.
  2. Moussaka : Layers of eggplant, seasoned meat sauce, bechamel sauce, sprinkled with cheese and baked in a casserole.
  3. Rice Pilaf: Rice, herb butter, and meat broth.
  4. Spanakopita: A mixture of spinach, onions, feta cheese, eggs, and spices baked between layers of buttered filo.
  5. Greek Salad: A salad of greens and tomatoes, marinated with olive oil and vinegar, served with Greek olives, feta cheese, and French bread.
  6. Dolmathes: Grape Leaves stuffed with rice.
  7. Baklava: The classic Greek Dessert consisting of honey, nuts and layered filo

Moussaka Plate   $15

Lemon Greek Chicken Plate   $18

Spanakopita Plate $13

(All plates include rice, salad, bread, baklava, olives, feta, and dolmathes)

 Vegan Plate                          $9

(Gigantes beans with onion, carrot, celery and spices. One dolmathes, rice pilaf, salad, olives, bread and baklava)

Photographer: Ross D. Hamamura -

Photographer: Ross D. Hamamura –


Photographer: Ross D. Hamamura -

Photographer: Ross D. Hamamura –