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Greeks in Hawaii

Greek sailors found their way to the Islands on whalers and trading vessels after 1830. Beginning in the late 1870s, some forty men from the small Mediterranean country migrated and settled on the Big... Read More
fisherman hat

The Greek Fisherman Hat

THE GREEK FISHERMAN HAT You have seen them in many different settings worn by many different types of people. The Greek Fisherman Hat is a classic made famous by Anthony Quinn and later by John Lennon... Read More

Greek Foods

Growing up in a Greek family, I was constantly barraged with many different Greek dishes. The Greeks, Italian, Jewish and many other nationalities, had one thing in common…our mothers insisted we ea... Read More

History of the Orthodox Religion

FACTS: On the one hand, the Orthodox Church is is the oldest church in Christendom. On the other hand it is new to most people in America. It is the second largest body of Christendom with 300 million... Read More
men dancing

The Art of Greek Dancing

The Treasure of Greek Music, Song, and Dance Greece is known to have one of the richest folk traditions in the world. Hundreds of documented dances, lyrics that go back to ancient roots, musical instr... Read More

The Art of Worry Beads

The Art of Worry Beads The earliest mention of worry beads came from India. Made of a series of fruit pits, punctured and stringed on a piece of string, they were used to count prayers. In time, the ... Read More