The Greek Kitchen

For a variety of traditional Greek dishes head over to the Greek Kitchen on the Diamond Head side of the festival near the Ala Moana Beach Park Entrance. Here you will find 3 ways to enjoy your Greek Favorites.

  1. Greek Plate: $10
    1. Corfu Plate; Greek Chicken, Fasolakia, Rice Pilaf
    2. Mykonos Plate: Moussaka, Fasolakia, Rice Pilaf
    3. Mt. Olympus: Greek Chicken, Moussaka, Fasolakia, Rice Pilaf.
    4. Ala Carte: Moussaka, Chicken or Fasolakia $5
  2. Meze: $5

    1. Spanakopita A mixture of spinach, onions, feta cheese, eggs, and spices baked between layers of buttered filo.
    2. Horiatiki Salata: Authentic village salad served with pita.
    3. Pita Plate: Pita bread served with choice of (pick2) Tzaziki, Feta, Olives.
  3. Vegan Plate: $10
    1. Gigantes beans with onion, carrot, celery and spices, dolmathes, rice pilaf, salad, olives, bread and baklava

Vegan Plate



Photographer: Ross D. Hamamura -